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Called on the Carpet!

June 16th 2008 3:32 pm
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Oma got totally called on the carpet (just like I do - "Buddy! Get down off that bed! Get down off the couch! Get down off the company!") yesterday when she and Opa and Uncle came over to celebrate Father's Day. Mom said something to me (I don't remember what, but no matter . . .) and then Oma said, "Aww, now he looks sad!"

Mom said, "Now don't go anthropomorphizing him. That's one mistake pet owners always make. He's not really sad like we know sad. You're not sad, are ya Buddy? You are never sad, are ya Buddy? You just use all of these life experiences as fodder for the novel you're working on, don't-cha, Buddy? You don't really have a care in the world, do you, except maybe about when you're next meal is gonna show up, whether or not that little girl dog on Dogster really likes you like you think she does, and oh, maybe that disturbing tidbit that surfaced on the Internet the other day about certain cultures eating dog. Other than that, no. He's never sad. Are ya, Bud? Are ya?"

I don't know what anthropomorphizing means, and I only spelled it correctly by right-clicking on it when it lit up like a Christmas tree after my first attempt at typing it. It has something to do with pretending to know what another species is thinking, I think. Lexie thinks it means I really don't actually think like Mom thinks I think, but I think she thinks wrong.

I think.


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