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Dumb Dog

June 8th 2008 7:23 pm
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First child thinks she is so cool, calling me "Dumb Dog." She thinks this is so funny. At first it bothered me, but then I figured anyone who dresses the way she does should not be taken seriously. Hmph!

Mom and Dad took us to Oma and Opa's house today and Mom was trying to show off how smart I am by calling my name and other words she figures I should know, like "food," "treat," "walk," "car ride," and "California dreaming." C'mon! How lame is that? After a few words, I just ignored her and tried to continue my relaxing half-on-half-off the couch Doga pose (Yoga for dogs, natch). Oh, sure - the humans were chuckling, but I totally tuned them out according to my Dalai Dogma relaxation CD instructions. This Dogma stuff is really good. You get your karmel all warm and gooey and your chai starts to flow blissfully around your ying yang. It's all good. Let those humans have their endorphin release at my expense and think I'm all ignoranty. I know where true pieces lie.


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