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May 29th 2008 8:00 pm
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I could just taste the freedom. Mom bought one of those doggie doors for us! Yippeeeee! Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy! How cool is my Mom? How cool is our very own-open 24/7-self-sealing, keep-out-the-buggies doggy door!

It didn't fit. Mom said we would have to buy a different screen door and then pay to have the new screen door installed because Mom and Dad are not "handy" and then they could install the door, but because that would cost lots of limbs they cannot do it right now. All my dreams have shattered. I am crushed. My little stump, it is not wagging. My eyes are brown and sad. I don't want to eat. Okay - scratch that last one. I must eat and eat a lot - to keep up my strength. Oh heaviest of sighs. It is like when they killed Mel Gibson in the end of Braveheart. Will my beard ever rise from the dust on the floor in the back hallway where my very own self-service doggy door was supposed to have been installed today?

I guess I am back to barking and running towards the door and scratching on it one hundred sixty-four times a day, all because I do not have opposable thumbs. Sigh.


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