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Buddy's Beat


May 19th 2008 12:27 pm
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Mom is off her rocker. I was scratching at the back door to come inside this afternoon when Mom showed up and said (you're never going to believe this), "Shirley, you aren't trying to destroy my door, are you?"

Aaaaargh! What's with the girlie names? I don't get why she doesn't just call me Buddy, but if she has to call me silly things, can't she at least use manly names, like Conan, Samson, Goliath or William Perry? Even one of those newer puptrosexual names - Heath, Aidan, Avalar or Keanu - would be better than Louise and Shirley! How's a pup to hold his head up high if his Mom is calling him simpering girl names! (No offense - I don't know anyone named Louise or Shirley personally, other than myself, so I'm just venting.) I mean, come on - you don't hear of big beefy guys with names like Lynn or Rosie, do you?

If I have to be called by a girl name, why ever for, could it be one of those names that swings both ways, like Robin, Terry, Kim or Jan? Why can't I just be Buddy?


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