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The Ghost of Marley

May 6th 2008 3:27 pm
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I met a nasty mean kitty named Marley today. She got all up in my face and hissed at me for no apparent reason, other than I had run into her house uninvited and scared the crap outta her. Apparently she figured she'd return the favor! I never knew kitties could blow themselves up like that, and so fast! Wow. I've only seen stuff like that in cartoons on the television, and frankly, I never believed it was real --- until now. Mom took advantage of my surprise to grab me and shoo me outside. Maddening, I tell ya. I was ready for the challenge, the cross-cultural experience, the new language and exciting adventure of yet another exotic species. (the taste of new meat?) Mom told me that I was about to go through the animal kingdom's version of a paper shredder and I would thank her later. I thought Lexie and I were the animal kingdom's version of paper shredders, but Mom said we were plastic sporks compared with the Ginsu that is "cat." I guess I just gotta trust Mom.


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