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Something is Very Wrong with Mom

May 5th 2008 10:23 am
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Oh, dear. I came upstairs and found Mom lying on the floor amidst piles of summer clothing. She looked ready to cry. Is something wrong, Mom? Huh? Wanna play or sumthin'? No response. She's just hugging this pair of denim capris and sort of rocking back and forth. What do I do? I better go ask Lexie what is up.

* * * * *
Lexie said that Mom has just completed the annual seasonal "closet change-over." Wisconsinites and other upper Midwesterners have to do this twice a year when the warm weather comes and again when the warm weather leaves. At this time of year, they pack up their turtlenecks, long johns, insulated fleece tops, snowpants, Wigwam and Smartwool socks, flannel jammies and the like and take out the tank tops, shorts, capris and short-sleeved t-shirts that have been in the big box in the closet all winter. Apparently Mom had taken everything out of the "winter box" and made a huge mistake. She tried it all on. Poor Mom. I've heard of scenes like this, but they often happen in the corners of dark department store dressing rooms during spring swimsuit sales. Mom had some surgery last year and now has to take certain meds that simply don't help your waistline. I think it's really gotten her down . . . all the way to the bedroom floor to be exact. Guess Lexie and I better get in some extra cuddle time, be on our best behaviors and beg for extra long walks to get Mom outta the house and moving around.

Gee, I've gained five pounds in the last nine months. I was 13 pounds when Mom adopted me and now I weight 18. That's about a . . . let's see . . . about a weight gain of 38%. And you don't see me all upset about it. But then again, I don't have to wear clothing all day long like Mom does. Hmmmm. I better go and try to lick her up off the carpet. I hope she's wearing that peppermint scented lotion because that would make it kinda fun.


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