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Quatro de Mayo

May 4th 2008 9:03 pm
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Today I got to take a ride with Mom all the way out to Waukesha, Wisconsin (where they are having that outbreak of doggie strep - yikes!) to pick up third child from her best friend's house. Lexie was not even invited. Actually, she simply didn't happen to be outside when Mom went out to the van. Of course the girls at this house thought I was the cutest thing when they came out to the van to see me. I even jumped out of the van and went and sniffed their flower bed before Mom scooped me back up and deposited me back in the van.

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo and Lexie is gonna run her very first game in the Schnauzers Rule playland celebration. She's a bit nervous about how she'll keep track of all the action, but with her ability to multi-task, I'm sure she'll do fine. Just one more way for Lexie to play alpha! BOL! Oh, and because I helped pick out the questions for our Cinco de Mayo game, I am not allowed to play. Yeah, like I'd ever remember any of the answers anyway. Mom even took the quiz herself and got 50% wrong! That is an F on any human kids report card! (Mom says not to tell any of the human kids in this house. They don't need any more ammo. What's ammo? Mom says other parents will understand.)

I better get my sleep so I am bright-eyed and bushy eared for the games tomorrow!


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