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April 26th 2008 10:29 am
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Mom says she has to do something called a FAFSA. She has never done a FAFSA before and she seems a little anxious about it. I could help her with it and I even told her this, but she said that she didn't want anyone to know that she was dependent on me for help because that might ruin her chances for a good FAFSA. I promised not to tell anyone that I was helping her, but since she said I couldn't help anyway, I am now telling everyone that I did NOT help her one bit just so she could be independent. Sometimes you just have to do things yourself without anyone's help. I know how that is because Lexie doesn't bother to chase birdies. I have to chase birdies all by myself in this household. But that's okay because all the good exercise I get from chasing birdies solo means I still get twice as much kibble as Lexie, and that is an excellent thing. Mom is hoping for lots of kibble from her FAFSA. At least that must be what she is hoping for, or why else wouldn't she accept help?


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