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April 22nd 2008 9:00 am
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Handsomeness is a warm puppy . . . I think Charles Schultz, creator of beloved beagle Snoopy, said something like that. Oh, Mom said it's "happiness," not "handsomeness." Same thing. I just got back from the groomer and despite the awful smell, I do look rather good. I know this because Mom got all lovey-dovey when she saw me and then she got out the camera and pestered me all over the yard with it. I can't blame her.
Lexie got all in my face during the photo shoot. I yelled at her and put her in her place, which is beneath me. Her place, that is. It's not beneath me to put her there. She was interrupting my bird-chasing, for goodness' sake!
Mom tells me Lexie almost got her first squirrel this morning. She ran after that thing as if it were the last squirrel in the world. When it ran up the amelanchier tree, Mom shook those slender branches until the thing actually fell off - wish I couldda been there for that part! Too bad it fell about one foot outside our fence instead of inside. Inside, and it wouldda been a complete goner!

This is a pretty goodly amount of excitement for one morning and it's not even 11am! I think I'll just take a wee nap and rest up after that fur-dryer session. I hate that part - even more than the rear-squishing part. At least the groomer girl talked to me real nice through the gland part. I couldn't hear a word she might have been saying while she dried my fur with that loud thing, and of course I was tethered to the table so I couldn't get away. Glad Mom doesn't do that to me after baths at home. I would have to put my paw down!

No rain yet, but good cloudy weather for my first nap of the day. BAYL!


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