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I Can Make You Thin!

April 7th 2008 7:49 am
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Mom's friend S was telling her about this television show called I Can Make You Thin. She showed Mom a little trick from the show that is supposed to "reset" your brain when you are having cravings and want to stuff a few pounds of chocolate into your face. You use your hand to tap-tap-tap first under your eye, then your collarbone, then the fleshy outer "pinky" side of your hand, then the top of your hand between the pinky and ring finger bones. Then, while still tapping that last place, you roll your eyes around from lower right, up and over to lower left, keep tapping, hum a tune, keep tapping, roll eyes back the other way, hum another little tune and then I think you're done. According to 4th child, resetting the VCR is easier. This is kinda like giving yourself a softer, gentler smack up-side the head, like, "Hey you! Stop thinking about food all day and go walk the schnauzers!"

Mom is just hoping she doesn't start craving food in public (like who wouldn't?) because she sure looks like an idiot tapping all over, rolling her eyes and humming. Like she forgot to take her meds or something. I have a much better idea. I am a one-and-a-half year old schnauzer boy. Keep up with me and I Can Make You Thin!


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