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Howlin' Balls of PB!

March 29th 2008 12:10 pm
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More of those yummy peanut butter balls came bouncing off the kitchen table today as 4th child had more Cap'n Crunch cereal. Mom says that our days of accidental pb treats are nearly gone because the cereal won't be there after today and Mom doesn't buy it that often. Kinda like buying us doggies kibble with corn as the first ingredient. There are better things for kids and doggies to eat. Don't know about that, but they sure tasted yummy.

Mom had to play Ruby Roo's YouTube video again this morning, maybe as payback for giving me all those pb balls? I shouldn't say "give," because I sorta stole them when they fell, but anyway, Mom loves to occasionally play the video of Ruby Roo howling because I just spin around and stare at the screen and then lift my head back and howl like crazy! She never even knew I could howl until she played that video and I went nuts. There's just something in that plaintive voice that makes any schnauzer with a sense of moral justice, an empathetic heart, a concerned nature - heck, with sensitive enough ears - to let 'er rip right along with Ruby Roo. Then, of course, first child thought it was so funny to try to get me to howl without the video. I obliged her. Lexie won't howl EVER. Mom wanted to get a video of me howling, but the camera was outta juice. I told her there was more juice in that big cold cavern in the kitchen, but she just muttered, "Don't you ever even think of using juice to recharge a camera!" Like I even know what the dog she's talking about! Sheesh.

So, at least I am saved another humiliating video feature for now.


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