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Jam-Packed Day

March 24th 2008 6:56 pm
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First we got to go to the Dog Park with Frau Baughn and her beagle Ollie and her neighbor's rott Oscar. That was a blast. Mom is getting smart on me, though. When it was time to go, Mom simply scooped me up and carted me off to the van in the crook of her arm, but she let Lexie simply walk to the van. She says I am very hard to get to come back to the van when the play time is over, especially on a day like today when there are loads of dogs playing in the snow. Hmmmm. I will have to form a plan so that I can continue to play as long as I'd like, avoiding Mom somehow. Any ideas out there?

There was this huge dog there today who looked like a big old grizzly bear. Mom said he was a Leonberger. My, but he was handsome and big. He was real nice to me, even though I had never met him before. I am pretty nice to everypup, even Lexie, except when she picks on me. Then I bark at her really loudly in her face. Sisters can be so pesky! I do not have time for pesky sisters, unless they are sharing their kibble with me. Mom says I don't know the meaning of the word "share." She has only seen me "beg" and "steal." I beg to differ. I only steal what is shared with me when Lexie isn't lookin'. That seems more than fair. She didn't share that bit of braunschweiger that fell on the floor at the Easter lunch yesterday at our house, now did she? No! Of course, I don't sit in one spot long enough to always see these opportunities like my sister. She watches like a hawk and then dives for the tidbits. She usually gets their first, so if I get to her food bowl first, who could blame me?

After the park, Mom came home and took photos of me and Lexie, and even had Dad take a photo of her with us so she could send jpegs to Lexie's boypup, Zubee, and to Zubee's brother's girlpup, also Lexie's girl-pup-pal Rudy. I think Rudy and Lexie are, in a manner of speaking, virtual sister-in-laws, since they are both sweet on boys who are brothers. It is all so confusticating to me. I need to shake out my ears after thinking about these kinds of things.

Now my head kinda hurts. I need to lie down.


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