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Chipmunk? and Spray-On Mud

March 20th 2008 9:48 pm
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Lexie "went to ground" in the back patio garden bed this afternoon. She stuck her nose right in underneath a flax plant and wouldn't let up for quite a while. I came over to see what was up, or in this case, down, and she simply muttered "chipmunk." When Mom was done chopping and tossing the last bits of ice-pack off the back parking slab by the alley, and when Mom called Lexie, and then gave up and went into the house, she still didn't move from that spot. Finally Mom had to come back out and see what there was to see. Not much. Just a hole under her Linum perenne, which Mom hopes has not been destroyed.
This bed is in the sun and the snow has melted off the top of it where the chippy must have gone. I could smell him, but I'm not sure what he looks like. Lexie says he's smaller than a squirrel, with less tail and more stripy fur - just as annoying as squirrels, though, and mighty fast and sneaky.
Mom finally came and picked Lexie up and carried her into the house. I stayed out a while longer, which is my usual M.O. Later, when Mom was looking closer, she saw lots of tiny clods of dirt stuck in Lexie's beard and through her front leg furnishings. Hah! Wish I had a photo of that to send to her boypup, but no - that wouldn't be nice, now would it? I don't know how to work the camera anyway. Mom gave her a good brushing out and the air around her clouded over with dried mud dust, just like that guy pigpen on Charlie Brown. Lexie especially didn't like the beard brushing. That hair that is right up against the lips can really pull and it hurts! Lexie is so brave. Mom had her pretty tightly so she couldn't have gotten away easily anyway.

Mom says that you can buy spray-on mud in a can to make your big honkin' SUV look as if you were really off-roading when you drive it to work on Monday morning. Truly! The Car Talk guys talked about it - Silly String for adults? I don't think we'd ever need a product like that, though I bet third child (girl) would love to get her hands on a can of that stuff and have at it when second child (boy) is sleeping! BOL! If it tasted any good, I'd help clean him off afterwards. I'm helpful that way.


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