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MM Experiment, Day 2

March 20th 2008 8:33 am
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Let's see, those M&M's went out on the counter yesterday at about 4:30pm. By 8am this morning, they are half gone. Mom had none. I had none, too. Sigh. Third child, who has probably the highest concentration of inherited OCD tendencies (from Mom no doubt), took a variety of M&M colors and made a sort of binary code chart, pairing up every possible coupling of colors, like pink/blue, blue/green, pink/green, blue/yellow, pink/yellow . . . even pink/pink and blue/blue . . . Mom says to stop. She thinks you get it.
Then third child had Mom take a photo of it. And a photo of the ensuing rainbow design and the word "rainbow" written in candies above it. Mom had to take a photo because third child wanted to keep the design on the counter and Mom wanted to put the kibbles back into the bowl. I wanted to eat them all, but once again, I got none. Mom says they are chocolate mostly, and chocolate mostly is bad for me. I wish all the things that were so tasty weren't so bad for me. Mom says the same thing. She says fried foods are bad for her, but she'd eat deep fat batter-fried cardboard if it were good for her. Mom is weird.

First day of spring today and we're under a severe weather advisory for tonight into tomorrow - 6 inches of snow predicted! They used to call these things severe winter weather advisory, but since today is the first day of spring, I think they have to call it something without the word winter in it because it would hurt morale too much.

Happy spring to everypup out there! If you are above freezing where you live, enjoy that for me.


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