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MM Experiment

March 19th 2008 1:26 pm
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My Mom is very smart - yes, she is. She is always trying to expand on her learning. She is always trying to expand on MY learning as well. I think that's funny.

Today she started a new learning expansion project. I so want to help her with it, but she says the best way I can help is to stay out of the experiment. I can do that! Yippee! I get to help!

Here is what Mom is trying to learn this time. She is wondering how long it will take the members of this household, humans only and not counting herself, to finish off 1.5 pounds of Hershey's M&Ms candy in Easter colors. She bought two 14-ounce bags, one milk and one dark chocolate, and mixed them together in a bowl and set it out in a humanly but not caninely accessible place. The oldest child is home "sick" but has already started helping Mom with the experiment.

Math update, 14 ounces plus 14 ounces equals 28 ounces, so we have slightly more than 1.5 pounds. That would be, let me see . . . 1.75 pounds. Yes, 1 and 3/4 pounds of delicious candy-coated chocolates in kibble-sized pieces. Mmmmm. Hey, wait a minute . . . if I've got Mom's instructions right, I do not get any of these kibbles.

*runs off to find Mom . . . *

Hey! Mom! Wait! I don't wanna help out anymore. Is that okay?"


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