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Ice and Cream

March 8th 2008 6:45 pm
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All the humans went out and ate a Mexican tonight. I mean they ate at a restaurant that serves Mexican food. So we had to sit around and wait for all of them to get back home before we could have our dinner. Mom is watching me like crazy, especially after meals, to make sure I don't go off somewhere and ring little bells in the house. I mean tinkle.
So first child really truly wanted mint chocolate chip ice cream (so did I), and Mom really truly wanted me outside after dinner, walking and tinkling al fresco, so we cooperated. First child, fourth child, Mom, Lexie and I all walked over to the local grocery in the dark, sliding on hidden patches of ice along the way. When we got to the store, the kids took us around the block while Mom went in and bought mint chocolate chip ice cream in a big five-gallon bucket. I mean a one-gallon bucket. Lexie and I did everything we were supposed to do. First child got mint chocolate chip ice cream. I haven't tinkled in the house yet tonight. Mom got a refreshing walk out of doors (aka 'al fresco' - he's a friend of ours). Everything's good.


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