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Energizer Schnauzer

February 21st 2008 5:01 pm
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Mom says I run on overload and that if that Energizer bunny ever kicks the bucket, I am so there! "Who put a quarter in you?" "You been into Dad's coffee?" "Been licking electrical outlets again, have you?" I hear stuff like this every day. I think it means something powerful, but I have yet to understand. Humans use these things called idiotic expressions, or something like that. Mom says these idiotactical sayings are just one of the things that separate higher functioning fauna from things like stink bugs, ferns, dust mites and animal abusers. I can't quite tell if I'm on the same side of the fence as my Mom, but I don't think I'm on that other side either with the stink bugs. Maybe I'm straddling the fence, which sounds kinda like one of them expressions, but it also sounds painful.

Lexie didn't sleep in Mom and Dad's bed last night again. I just think she was a bit shaken up after that kennel experience. She was back in her bed on the floor. That's good because I like to inch my way up towards the pawrents' heads during the night and not run into Lexie's hinder in the dark.

Mom's 'puter is back on her desk now and it lights up and everything again. I'm glad because I did not enjoy going into the library with her under her parka. She wanted me to hold still and be really quiet. I think that must be another of those idiot expressions because even she knows I am a schnauzer. C'mon! I got booted out to the van last time she tried to post on a public 'puter. Hey, there we go . . . a public 'puter and me, a public pooter! I like that. I think I made a new idiotastic expression!


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