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No More Castro?

February 19th 2008 7:15 pm
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Some pup pals were yapping about no more castro. Does that mean what I think it means? Whoa, nellie - that's a good thing there. A lotta cows gonna be happy 'bout that news.

So I survived the kennel for two entire nights with Lexie. I got so nervous. We walked into the reception area and I couldn't stand the suspense. Lexie had said Mom and Dad were gonna leave us there, and I didn't believe her, but I was so scared . . . I peed on the garbage container in the lobby! Mom was so embarrassed, but the nice man just said not to worry about it. Well, then I felt better so I went and peed on the pillar that was holding up the ceiling in the middle of the room. That's when Mom shooed me back out into the snow. Well, he said not to worry . . . so I stopped worrying, at least until he took us down this long hallway where there were other dogs in little fenced in rooms and then he got us to go into one of them rooms and shut the gate on us. Mom was on the outside of the gate and she patted my nose and said, "Goodbye!" Lexie was right!

*Okay. Lexie is always right. She has told me that and I didn't want to believe her. She has six years on me and lots of wisdom, if only one fully formed eyebrow. She just enjoys terrorizing me and saying things like, "Yeah, they're gonna leave us here and think about if they like us really or not, and oh, yeah, by the way, who left all those poos in the basement in the past six months ? . . . and if they decide we're worth it, they'll come back and take us home, or at least ONE of us home . . ." and then I get all scared and I pee on more things.

I got all clingy on her when the pawrents left and she was really annoyed with me, but finally she told me straight up what to expect. I don't know how she knows all of this, except that she reads a lot and chats online. And yes, she was right. Mom and Dad came back just when they said they would and they were so glad to see us and they loved us up really good in the van all the way home. Lexie was just pulling my paw when she said all those scary things.
Siblings do that kinda stuff. I know because one of our little humans has to go and talk to a doctor every month about his fears and his fears get worse when the older brother in his room gets a surge of evil teenage hormones and starts to tell scary lying stories to the littler one. Mom doesn't like that one bit. I think Mom better have a little offline chat with Lexie some day because she really scared me!

Then know what Lexie did? She acts all bravedy brave and stuff, but last night when we got home to our own house, she jumped up in bed with Mom and Dad and slept there by Mom alllll night long! She has never ever dared to do such a thing, especially since she knows that's what I do every night. I had to sleep down by Dad's feet - sheesh! I even heard Lexie mumbling something about " . . . not letting them outta my sight . . . never a kennel again . . . sleep where I want from now on . . ." and stuff like that. Wimmen!


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