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Spa Treatment - phooey!

February 12th 2008 3:34 pm
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That was no spa treatment! That was plain foo-foo phooey! The good part was when those groomer girls rubbed me and treated me all nice. That part I liked, and the treat I got at the end that Mom didn't know about so I got another one when I got home - ha! Yum. I think I look very nice now, but I have even less of a coat than I did before so now I really wish my green cable knit sweater hadn't gone to pieces like it did. It kept me warm. I guess I gotta wear one of my other coats. I usually forget to ask about a coat until we're half way around the world and then I shiver. Mom remembers when it's cold out. I just wanna get out there and chase stuff, sniff stuff and pee on stuff.

Lexie looks so different now. I almost didn't recognize her because 1) she didn't look like Lexie with her undercoat showing in different colors, 2) she certainly didn't smell like Lexie after all that shampoo and stuff, and 3) she went right to bed this afternoon because she had to take an extra trip to the vet to get her portabella and bad tempered shot so that we can stay at the kennel near Mom and Dad's hotel this weekend.

Come to think of it, that must be how she stays in such a rotten mood all the time. She has those bad temper shots! Mom said I had one, too, but it must not have worked on me because I am always in a good mood. Maybe those bad temper shots are to help you when you have bad moods, like Mom takes these little brown squares of "medicine" when she is in a bad mood. At least she says they are medicine whenever the kids ask for some. They smell an awful lot like chocolate, but I know they are not chocolate because chocolate is not medicine and chocolate also does not say Lindt on the wrapper. Chocolate starts with a "C" - I know that much.

Now that we are on the subject, Lexie says that Mom likes to eat Lindt balls when she is feeling under the weather. I find that I eat lint balls when I am under the bed. This must be related somehow.


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