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Super Bowl of Food and Fun!

February 4th 2008 7:23 am
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Yesterday Lexie and I went all the way to the Triad's house out East to attend a Super Bowl party, and, let me tell you, there were lots of bowls full of all sorts of good things to eat: teenie weenies, nachos, gopher gizzards, chipmunk chunks, kibble quesadillas, squirrel pie and more! Oh, it was way big fun and my stomach was so full by the time we had to leave. The Triad's Mom bought extra tennis balls and we got to play outside in the snow. It was such a blast! There were at least a couple dozen schnauzies in attendance.

I think some of the pups were inside watching television during all this fun. I so don't get that, but whatever. I just kept running in and out, getting more food, then playing in the snow. The Triad sure throws a great party - thanks guys!! And thank your Mom and Dad, too - for all the great food, the couch space, the cushions and towels, and all those brand new tennis balls. I think we lost a goodly number of those, but they'll turn up when the snow melts in a few more months.


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