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Secret Beef named Chuck

January 31st 2008 7:30 am
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I am not supposed to let Lexie know this, but Mom gave me a chunk of real beef this morning! She knew I had been asking what the heck that stuff is, especially after that confusing Dogster beef episode a few days back, which has not been resolved, thank you very much.
Mom made Chuck roast last night in the crock pot. Or so she tells me. I asked if Chuck wanted to be roasted, and if that was indeed who the family was eating at the dinner table in those little bowls, but she just gave me her exasperated look. I've noticed this much about humans, they usually don't name their meat. But anyway, one of the furlesses didn't quite finish their meal (I know, I can't imagine that!) so Mom let me have one small chunk of Chuck. Oh, Chuck tasted sooooo good! Mom said Chuck was beef. She also said she didn't want to chuck good beef and that was why she was letting me have a small taste. Chuck Chuck? Isn't that what chickens say?

Well, whoever you are, thank you Chuck for expanding my life experiences. You were delicious!


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