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Weather or Not

January 29th 2008 5:54 pm
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We've had everyone's weather here in our yard today. We had some 45 degrees like in Georgia this morning and afternoon, then we had rain for a while like in Seattle, then we had hail for a minute or so like on the White House lawn (*Mom: Buddy - that's a song, not real hail like we had today . . . *), then we got really cold like in Alaska, and now there's a really big, bad wind like in Kansas on that farm with the dog in the bicycle basket - Lexie told me so. It's arcticular out there now - freeze my hiney kind of weather.

To top all this weirdness off, Milly just told me to watch out for that hail because it will hurt my coconut! Earlier today I had a melting snowflake that still won't cooperate, then I had a beef and Mom said I should lose it, but I didn't want to, and now Milly is telling me that I have a coconut somewhere, but I better protect it from the hail, only I don't know where it is and the hail disappeared, too, just like the snowflake, only now we are getting real snowflakes outside and my fur is tingling all over and my eyebrows ache. I need a Zukes and a nap.


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