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Valentine's Party

January 28th 2008 3:52 pm
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I am so excited! I asked Greta Grace to go to the Schnauzers Rule Valentine's Day party at Sam, Lucy and Roxy's house . . . and she said YES! Yippee! We're gonna have so much fun. Lucy is preggers again and she should have her pups by the day of the party, so that is super cool. I hope Mom lets me bring at least one of them home *interrupted by mom*

Oh. I guess I can't bring any puppies home. Mom says they'll be waaaay too young to leave Lucy. I think that's just an excuse because Mom doesn't want the responsibility of a puppy *interrupted by Mom again*

Oh. I guess puppies need to stay with their Mommies for about eight weeks before they can just walk off and eat other food and stuff, stuff like iPod headphones, crayons, slippers and garbage. That all comes after eight weeks. But I digest, er, digress . . .

I am gonna go to a party with Greta Grace! How cool is that? She's a super sweetie pie and she likes to eat all sorts of stuff like me. How cool is that? I would even share . . . maybe . . . Well, it's gonna be great and I can hardly wait!


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