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Lexie is such a . . . such a . . . such a Girl!

January 25th 2008 11:19 am
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Lexie is all miffed at me just because I wanted to see the birdies outside the bedroom window and the only way I could do that was to step up into her window-side bed and walk on top of her formerly sleeping body! Gee whiz! What a girl will get upset over . . . like the least little itty bitty thing! Besides, that is technically MY bed she was lying in, so I have every right to jump up into it when the occasion warrants. And this occasion soooo warranted! There were birdies, tons of little brown birdies in the tree right outside that self-same window! Can you imagine? It was like chickadee-TV, cable entertainment for dogs! Sometimes they even DO land on the cables, the phone cables and whatnot that string over our yard to our house. Little branch managers, right there before my very brown eyes. Like what. Am I supposed to just ignore that kind of action?

I so do not get girls. Talk about moody. Anyway, Mom got a photo of me up there and you can tell I'm just minding other critters' business and not bugging her at all. I mean, you can hardly even see she's there! Sheeesh!


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