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Big, Big Sigh

January 20th 2008 7:32 pm
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Mom took my Packer cheesehead hat off and let me tear it to bits. That felt rather good. I still like the Pack, but I had all these negative emotions piling up inside my furry skull and to take that hat out into the yard and rip it up just helped me deal, you know?
At least me and my pals had a great time: T-Bone, Tot and Kiki, Blackie, Greta Grace and Duncan, Doolin and Duffy all came over and brought some really good food. Angus and Holly Berry stopped in for a short time. We had teeny weenies in this really tasty sauce in the crock pot, Tot's chili and meatballs, our nachos and Blackie's treats and hot drink. Blackie drove his classic car over with a double tank full of gas, so we're gonna take a potty break in the back yard and then drive off to the Triad's house for some post-game romping in the snow. That oughtta get some more of this negative energy outta my system. I just can't believe we lost to those little giants! I keep thinking of all that Superbowl food we wouldda got if we had won. Mom says there's always the best food, and way too much of it, if we get into the big bowl. Oh, well. Now it's the Giants against the Patriots. I suppose I couldda kept that cheese hat and painted it blue and worn it to the Superbowl pawty, but now, who knows?

I'm sorry, but I just can't talk about this any more. It's too painful. And besides, Blackie's gunning the engine out front. That's my cue to get in the car!


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