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Forgotten, But Not Lost

January 17th 2008 2:29 pm
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So Mom gets home this afternoon and lets me out into the back yard as the snow is gently falling (along with the temps). Then she goes upstairs and logs onto Dogster and FORGETS ABOUT ME!

About 45 minutes later, she comes downstairs for something else and sees the back door open and suddenly remembers that her precious boy was outside in the cold ALL THIS TIME!

Well, didn't that give her the guilts?!! She let me in pronto and grabbed a big old towel and gathered me shivering form into her arms. Despite my protestations (I'm not a pick-me-up dog like Lexie), she held me on the stairs in her arms, nice and tight, while I shivered and she apologized profusely. Okay, here is where I prove that schnauzers are indeed #12 on the intelligence ranking of dogs. I shiver more. I give her those "how could you?" eyes. I try to lie limply in her arms, but I just can't do that. I lasted about one minute, but when she got up and carried me upstairs and plunked me down on her (er, MY) bed and wrapped another warm blankie around me, I couldn't stand it any longer and I shot up, jumped off the bed and began running around the room. Sure enough, I got a treat. She reached for the Zukes, but saw the Greenies next to them and gave me one of those instead. I didn't mind at all - love a Greenie!

Tot would be so proud of me for remembering all her coaching for times like these. I milked it for like a whole 30 seconds!


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