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Brushing, Snow and Super Giant Packer Bowls of Kibble

January 16th 2008 7:25 pm
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Brush your teeth, round and round. Circle small, gums and all. A small soft toothbrush the round and round way, will keep your gums healthy and stop tooth decay, so clean very carefully three times a day, go round and round. Round and round. (Sung by Hot Rod Harry the electric toothbrush, Ned the nailbrush and Gramps.)
Mom was singing this song today. She said it was something from her youth. Does anyone know who Captain Kangaroo is? Hmmmm. I don't know who her youth is, or who Mr. Kangaroo is, but the song is catchy - sung to the tune of Three Blind Mice. Poor mice.
Anyway, Mom brushed our teeth again tonight - go, Mom! Two days in a row! Whoohoo! Lexie was just as displeased with the event, but I did even better than yesterday! Mom was so proud of me. I kinda think it's a game so far, but I get a kick outta the minty flavor. I don't want another dental treatment from the vet, so I will try to bear this and hold still for Mom.
Well, my pal Samson in Georgia finally got to see some snow. Wild weather we're having. It hit 35 degrees here today. Supposed to be a high of 30 tomorrow and 1-3 inches of snow. Then 20 degrees by Friday and ever lower into the weekend. Mom says this is probably a good weekend to have frigid temperatures because the Packers are playing and they are one of the teams most used to cold yucky weather. They are playing ball with the Giants on Sunday to see who goes to eat out of a super bowl. Don't I say these things like I know what I am talking about? Packers sound fantastic, but Giants sound like they would just stomp all over anyone that got near. Mom says it's not like that, not like they are REAL giants or something, though I've seen those people and they are waaaay bigger than normal humans. Hmmmm.
Then there's this super bowl. What is it filled with? If it's just water, well, I can get that any time. I hear football humans talking about lots of food during the game, so I hope that's it and I hope I get to be near it and take something out of this super bowl when no one's lookin'. That's about it. If the Packers win, I suppose Mom and Dad will be really happy for some reason, and when they are happy, we are happy, and we sometimes get better food dropped on the floor. Then we would be really happy all by ourselves! So. We are hoping that the Packers win this game they are playing in the snow with the Giants. Sounds like fun. Wish I could play since Lexie still doesn't play with me.


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