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January 15th 2008 3:58 pm
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I have stuff to say, but Lexie says it's nonsense. What does she know? She's feeling better since her recent surgery-ies, but she is still getting extra special kibble. I got to taste it this morning because she didn't finish it. I'm not sure I liked it, but I ate it anyway because it was there. George Mallory, eat your heart out. No, wait. That's not quite right. I want to eat something out, but not MY heart. I would eat a chicken heart or a goose heart or a duck heart. I hear those are really, really delicieux. How about, "Go climb THAT mountain, Mr. Mallory!"
I gotta ask my pals how to make italics in these diary entries because I don't want my furiends to think I'm yelling at them, when I am only emphasizing.
But get this, Mom has decided to keep that old Hill's Science Diet t/d prescription food for cavernous-mouthed pooches and give each of us a boulder or two with every meal. I am all for that! What a fantastic crunch!
Speaking of crunch, my pal Lady said her Mom is working on some kind of crunch. Lady didn't know what she meant. Lexie said you can crunch numbers or something called abs, besides all the acceptable and familiar things, like hard food, bones, glass slippers and Legos, just to name a few. Another pal, Greta Grace, once crunched on a glass votive holder, whatever that is. She said it didn't particularly taste good, and besides, her mom got mad. Sometimes the crunch just isn't worth it. I told Lady to tell her mom to lie down in a patch of sunlight for a while and take a nap. Then she could get up and find something that humans enjoy crunching, like peanut brittle, Grape Nuts, rice cakes or sushi. (Lexie interrupts . . .) Okay, maybe not sushi. Lexie says that is not usually crunchy. You get the idea. Lady said this crunch was making her mom a bit anxious or something. Maybe it doesn't taste so good, like glass votive holders?
This is getting harder and harder on my fuzzy brain. I don't think I'm making sense any more. That's enough stuff for now.


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