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Sympathy Treats and a Bully Stick!

January 9th 2008 8:32 pm
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Lexie is having her eyelid wart removed in the morning and can't even have any breakfast before it's over! She's such a trooper. I can't imagine going to bed at night, and actually falling asleep, knowing I wasn't gonna have any breakfast in the morning. Oh, yeah, and going under anaesthesia and having something sliced outta yer face and all - that, too. Mom brought home my very first bully stick today, probably because she was feeling all bad about Lexie. Lexie got one as well, and we each got to try a sweet potato snackie with our dinners. I even left my regular kibble alone for a few seconds to wolf down that sweet thing - yum! If this is what sibling sympathy can get you, I am so there! I can do this! Can dogs cry real tears? I gotta Google that, because when humans do it they get big points. Lexie said. Darn it, though - I need her to Google for me because I always forget the web address for that. I better not disturb her now because she's already in bed, snoring. Oh, well. I wonder if Mom will forget that Lexie doesn't get breakfast and maybe I can eat Lexie's portion before Mom remembers. That would be so cool!


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