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It's Rainin' Doggie Dough! and What's in a Nickname?

January 4th 2008 2:45 pm
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Wow! Mom said some of our pals (Griffin and Henry and Lucy) just sent us 10 whole zealies to spend because they heard we were out. That was so nice of them. It's amazing how nice folks are on Dogster.
I was off reading Griffin's diary about more papparazzi (he's waiting for a team from Dog Fancy to show up with cameras on his doorstep, an entirely realistic expectation, let me tell you) and nicknames that our pawrents give us that mean absolutely nothing - at least nothing to us at times. This got me to thinking.
After waking up again, I remembered what I had been thinking about - those names the pawrents sometimes call me when I think they are talking to me, but I'm just not sure. I know by now that my name is officially Buddy Grau, that Lexie is the other one, and that I am a boy and the other one (Lexie) is a girl. I have that sorted out pretty good. I know that I am alpha, though Mom often grabs me, sits on me and tries to tell me otherwise. I know that I get fed twice a day, or more if I can find it somewhere, but twice a day regular-like in the kitchen out of my own bowl. I know that I can now sleep on the big bed, aka "my bed that I share with the pawrents," and that the smallest humans in here drop the most edibles. Some of the other details are sketchy at best. I think they prefer that I poo and pee outside, and I think it is frowned upon when I take stuffed animal toys off the kids' beds, chew on them and drag them all over the house. I'm just not sure.
So, to make things all the more confusing, these humans sometimes use what Lexie (and Griffin) now tell me are "nicknames," names that mean Buddy Grau, but sound different, like sometimes sorta the same, but really not the same.
Instead of just calling me Buddy, like they are supposed to, I am often referred to as Mr. Buddinski, Nutty-Budder, Puppy-head, wiggle-butt, jumping jack, oh-you-naughty-boy!, buddy-boy, pest or little budder brudder. I think there might even be more of them, but it's hard to tell if they're talking to and/or about me. I just want all you humans to know, here and now, that if you want us to listen, your best results will come if you use one name and use it consistently. That doesn't mean we will always listen and do what you say, but it still is your best bet!


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