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Chase My Wha?

January 2nd 2008 6:13 pm
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4th child was laughing his head off at me this afternoon cuz I was chasing my very own stub of a tail. No one here has seen me do that before, but since it's a new year and all, I thought I'd show them that I do know how to act like a stereotypical dog. Stereotypical = commonplace music machine, which is me, apparently. I did have beans tonight as an after-dinner snack, but that's not the kind of music I mean. Mom made chilly tonight for the human dinner, probably because it's so cold outside. While she was preparing it, I got to taste one red bean and one white one. They were both delicious. I did not get any chilly, though. All I could do was smell it cooking and hope that some clumsy child might spill a whole bowlfull on the floor. No such luck.
The parentals' bed has been naked all day long because SOMEONE got it wet last night, and it WASN'T me. Out of politeness for the guilty party, I am not revealing any names. At this late hour (8:10pm) they are finally getting the fresh sheets and blankets back on there for me. I'm glad because I was wondering where the heck I would have to sleep if they didn't get my spot all made up and comfy again. Without opposable thumbs, I can't very well make the bed myself!


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