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Lighten up in the New Year, Mom!

December 31st 2007 3:59 pm
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I don't think Mom should ever again call me a doodle-brain. Not after what she just did.
Mom came in the door with a bunch of groceries for our New Year's Eve feast and dropped everything and ran upstairs, shouting something over her shoulder to Dad about the grocery rejecting their debit card and the escrow not getting transferred into checking . . . I don't get any of that, but Mom told me later that when Dad went down to City Hall the other day to pay our property taxes, she had reminded herself to transfer those funds from their escrow account into the checking account to cover the check. Apparently, she forgot to do that so when that gigantic amount cleared checking this afternoon, it wiped out the entire account, and then some. Mom ran upstairs, logged onto the bank and made the proper switcheroonie. She said her bank is nice because she has some kind of overshaft protection, or something like that. She only got charged $3 because they had to take from her other savings to cover the big check and thankfully nothing else came through in the meantime before she got home to fix it. Whew! Mom is laughing now, but she looked really pale and panicky when she first came home and dropped those frozen party-size lasagne's on the floor in the back hallway. I was so torn between making sure Mom was alright, and licking the frozen rime off the pasta boxes - I didn't know what to do! Well, I licked the boxes first, and then ran upstairs to check on Mom. She was fine after getting online, but the lasagne had mysteriously disappeared by the time I returned downstairs. I hope I get some of it later. Lexie says there's this famous cat who gets lasagne all the time, but he's also fat and lazy and kinda not very nice to his owner and other animals. I wonder if the lasagne made him that way, or if people who already ARE that way just like lasagne. I've never had lasagne. I think I'm nice to other animals and humans. I'd like the chance to figure this one out.


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