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Lime Green

December 18th 2007 10:48 am
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I have a new lime green sweater with cables knitted down it. It is very fashionable and warm and I actually like wearing it. Sometimes I even keep it on while I'm inside so I can stay warm during the cold-thermostat hours of the midday. Mom wears sweaters, too during the day so she can keep the heat down lower and not have to pay "them" more money. I want to be "them" when I grow up.
The icicles outside our window are melting in the sunshine today. It's just warm enough that the snowy and icy patches that are getting a little southern exposure are getting gushy. Good time to clear off patches of soft stuff, says Mom, before they refreeze into sheets of ice by dinnertime. Love dinnertime.
Mom is making muscles. She told me so. She has shoveled so much in the past two weeks that her arms and back now look like Wonder Woman, whoever that is. She's laughing at me. Oh, dear - she just showed me a photo on the 'puter of this Wonder Woman person. Mommy does not look at all like that. For one thing, Mom wears lots of more clothing. Oh, well. My mom is way more soft and cuddly-looking than Wonder Woman.
Mom says I am distractable, incorrigible and particularly feisty. I hope those are good things. Right now I just feel like a bank of snow getting hit with some sun - all melty and puddly and sleepy.


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