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Christmas Tag!

December 18th 2007 6:06 am
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I've been tagged by my friend Maggie! So here's the game, first write Santa a short letter with five things you would like for Christmas, then send a paw-mail or rosette to five friends telling them they have been tagged!

So, with the author's express permission (oh, yeah - that would have been me . . . ) I am hereby reprinting my letter already posted to Santa Paws because Mom says I can't write two in one calendar year per North Pole regulations.

Dear Santa Paws,

My sister, Lexie, God bless her furry heart, I love her so much, . . . she told me that it would be a good idea to introduce myself to you and let you know what a good boy I’ve been over the past year. I was too young the Christmas before to realize that you were looking out for me, too young to realize that all my chewies last year actually came from you, and too young to really act in accordance with my then parentals’ wishes. I have a new Mommy and Daddy this year, not because I was naughty or anything, but simply because my new family prayed really hard to have someone as special as me.

I have been a very good schnauzer in my new home. I am now a little brother to my sister, Lexie, and I always treat her with the greatest of respect. I allow her to be the Beta Dog and I don’t eat out of her food dish when Mom and Dad tell me not to and when they bar me from the room while she eats. I also never steal her bed anymore because it is now my bed so stealing it is no longer necessary. I share all of my toys with her, when she takes them and I’m not looking, and I never pee around the side of skinny trees and get her head wet on purpose – honest! I never try to hone in on Mom and Dad’s attention unless I see that Lexie is setting the pace and doing it first. I would not want her to feel left out. I only shove her out of the way accidentally, and all those times that I stepped on her – I didn’t know she was there!
Oh, and that thing about the bunny – I was just saying hello and Mom says it was not my fault that he died a week later. I need you to note in your book that I did not, repeat – did NOT kill the bunny. Any reports to the contrary are pure hearsay, fairy tales, slander.

That said, I think it is time to leave you with my extremely short list of things I would like to see under the tree this year. My requests are few, knowing that you have many other well-deserving pups to look after all over the world. I have kept my list to only seven items:

1. Lots of yummy edible treats in a bottomless dispenser the release rate of which I can control all by myself.
2. A booklet of 10 "Get Out of the Vet Free" tickets that I can use whenever I feel the need.
3. One MaxSeal dual flap, cold weather rated doggie door in white aluminum color, installation included, for our back door.
4. One Original Snoozer Snuggle Design Cosy Cave bed, size large in Blackbourne Plaid.
5. One $249.00 cherry red Furrari bed with windshield, side mirrors, rims, faux exhaust pipes, cushy door handles, roll bars and embroidered Milwaukee Dog license plate. This will be for the living room, to impress all the visitors. The Cosy Cave will be for upstairs.
6. My very own Clear View car booster seat in durable microsuede with a removable cushion in color Firenze Dot with espresso trim. In case she doesn't ask for the same thing, could you bring one for Lexie, too, so I don't have to share?
7. An Agility-In-A-Bag travel set, including standard six-pole weave set, adjustable jump with displaceable bar for safety, adjustable 24"-diameter tire jump, pause box, 3-foot tunnel with attachable 8-foot chute, blue and yellow carrying bag, colored tape for decorating all the poles and instruction manual.

Thank you, Santa Paws. I would lick you all over if you were here.

Buddy Grau

P.S. I like your beard very much. How can I grow one like that?

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The pals I am tagging are:

1. Oscar
2. Oliver
3. Lady Van Gant
4. Chai
5. Ollie

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everypup!


Buddy Grau


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