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December 13th 2007 2:16 pm
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Mom says I'm dizzy, but I don't feel dizzy. Then she said my pal Rags had vestibular disease and that he is dizzy and we need to pray for him to recover. I asked Mom if I had vestibular disease, but she said, "No. You're just plain dizzy." Is Rags fancy dizzy?

Rags doesn't feel well at all. He was stumbling around and then he threw up. His vet said he had VD, er, I mean vestibular disease, which is like motion sickness. Mom had it in human form a few times and she was absolutely miserable, so now she feels really bad for Rags. She said when you have it, the room spins around, even when it's not really spinning around. All you have to do is move your eyes without moving your head, and the room spins around. Mom threw up when she had it, too. It makes you sick to your stomach.

I feel sad for Rags and hope he isn't dizzy for long. But now what about me? I don't feel sick and the room only spins when I do. I think there must be more than one meaning to 'dizzy.'


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