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Sleepover, Snow and Frozen paws!

December 3rd 2007 9:08 am
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What a busy weekend for us! First of all, Jenna (our australian cattle dog mix pal) came over for Friday night while her pawrents traveled. I had only heard of Jenna, but never met her before. Dog, oh dog - did we hit it off! We played and romped and tussled all over the house and even out in the yard! I loved it! The only time Jenna got mad at me was when I went near her food dish. Then she told me in no uncertain terms to lay off her feed. Mom made sure I understood, and from that point forward we got along fantastically.
Then the snow started on Saturday morning and the weather guys said it was gonna be nasty, bad for vehicles on the roads, so Mom called Jenna's mom and said if they wanted to stay up north an extra day until the roads were cleared we would not mind one bit having Jenna stay an extra night. I had asked Mom over and over if Jenna couldn't stay longer, so she finally gave in and made the call. They said they would watch the weather and call us back later. I kept bugging Mom all day to call them again, but she just told me to wait. Of course, the roads were very slick once the freezing rain started coming down on top of all that snow, so we got to keep Jenna with us again! More play!
I wish we had a canine here all the time who liked to play like Jenna or my rott puppy pal, Oskar. Lexie is just a poop. Beautiful and smart and dainty and polite (sometimes), but a poop. Maybe just a fart. Anyway, her playing-with-me skills stink.
Mom took our Christmas photos and is gonna mail out our cards today. This is so exciting! I gotta go and pester her to get on that - hurry up, Mom!


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