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Good Boy! Grooming and Sleepover!

November 30th 2007 8:34 pm
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I was such a good boy today! I got groomed with my sister and I did a good job. I was a little nervous, but Lexie remained a paragon of composure, so I just tried to emulate her. I liked having her there with me. The groomer person who did me said I was really sweet and she asked if she could groom me again, so when Mom scheduled me for my Valentine's Grooming (whatever that is), she picked a day when that same nice lady was working. Then we got Christmas gift bags when we left!

Oh, and before we even got out the door, Mom got a phone call from 4th child's piano teacher to ask if we could take their Australian cattle dog mix for the night - Jenna!!! I have seen photos of Jenna and heard Lexie talk about the time she stayed here for over a week last spring, but I have never met her. This is gonna be sooooo much fun!

When we got home, Mom did our Christmas photo shoot in the living room. She made us wear these itchy, scratchy bows around our necks, but otherwise it wasn't so bad, and we got a treat in the end! I'm so glad I look handsome for Jenna now - good timing, that. First impressions are so very important. I remember how I gave Mom and Lexie a really good first impression that day they came to see me at the Humane Society. I was on my very best behavior. That is what I must do tonight when Jenna comes over. I really want her to like me!

I think I need to roll in something stinky so that I smell proper for her, too. Hmmmm. Any frozen slugs out back?


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