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November 21st 2007 8:05 pm
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The weather has not been so nice lately. Yesterday it was misty and wet all day and I didn't even get one proper walk. Of course the parents paid for that later - sorry, Mom. Sorry you had to step on the wet spot on your way to your own potty in the middle of the night. It's kinda your own darn fault, but I'm sorry nonetheless.

Today was cloudy and damp again, but Mom made sure we got our morning walk (hmmmm, I wonder why?). Then it started to mist, then rain off and on. When Mom came back from her errands, we didn't even want to go outside when she offered the open door. Just too yucky out there. After sunset, which you couldn't see, just sorta sense as everything finally got dark, the rain turned to snow. Second child took us on our evening walk after Mom bribed him with an hour of computer time. It was all white on the grass and our paws got a bit frosty, but it was fun to chase the big, fat, wet snowflakes as they fell. I don't remember snow from last year. I was kinda young and I forgot a lot of those first few months. Lexie says it sometimes gets really deep and that's when she starts peeing on the patio, instead of going off onto the lawn. Mom prefers us doin' it off the walkways, but I can see how one might just want to get it over with fast during the cold, dark nights of winter.

Tomorrow we get to go to Regis' house up north for Thanksgiving dinner. I can hardly wait. He's old and deaf, but a nice spaniel all the same and we always have a good time. Anything with the word "dinner" in it has got to be good! I should have a lot to post about tomorrow night! Have a happy Thanksgiving to all my dear pals!


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