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November 15th 2007 11:11 am
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Fourth child brought home a book from the school library yesterday. Lexie and I got to go to the bus stop to meet him after school. He bounded off the bus, unzipped his backpack right there on the sidewalk, and showed Mom a photo in the book of a mother kangaroo and her joey, lying down schnauzer-style next to her. You couldn't see the joey's face because he was facing away from the camera, so you had a shot from his tail up the back of his head to his ears. OMD! It looked just like me! There were a couple other kids at the bus stop as well, and they all laughed so hard. It really did look like me. At first I thought to myself, what am I doing in this book, and where is my royalty check? But then I stopped and thought about it for a while and realized I had never posed with a kangaroo! Are you crazy? I don't even know where to find a kangaroo, except for that thing they call a zoo that I don't want anything to do with, thank you very much. Mom says I'm not allowed anyway.
Fourth kid has now taken to calling me Joey and getting me all confustulated. Just tell me who is feeding me and when, and I don't care what you call me!


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