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Grandma and Circles

November 8th 2007 9:11 pm
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Oma came over tonight and read books to third and fourth child. Second child was zonked out in his bed already. He will have his second wind later. I have many winds every day. I think I am on my eighth right now. Anyway, Opa took Mom to first child's orchestra concert and Oma stayed with us. I jumped up on her and told her all about everything. She is a funny little lady. She didn't want me jumping on her, but she gave me a few good pats. Mom says Oma is not a "dog person," whatever that means. Opa is a "dog person" and always plays with me, even though I bite his big hands too hard when I get all excited as he pets me. Mom says, "No bite!" and I try to control myself, but it is hard.
A couple hours later, Opa and Mom came back home with first child. Mom and I went out into the dark and cold yard and Mom ran in circles with me, round and round and round. She even threw me a stick and I carried it around with me in those circles for a long time. Mom got really tired, and when she slowed down, I laid down on the grass with my stick. Mom snuck up on me and stepped on the end of the stick! No fair! She is too big and heavy and I could not lift up the stick . . . so I broke off the lion's share of it and ran off again in more circles. Mom ran after me again, but not as long this time. She was panting, just like a dog on a hot August day! Her breath came out in puffs of cloudy air. I just laughed at her in my happy doggy way and worried my soggy stick some more. Mom had enough and marched off to the house to warm up, with me in close pursuit.

What a fun night!


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