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Bearoootiful Day!

November 7th 2007 10:12 am
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It is such a wonderful day today! The sun is shining and that fluffy wind finally stopped huffing so hard. Mom hasn't even mentioned putting our jackets on us yet today. Thank Dog! I just wish she'd take us back to that dog park again. That was the most fun ever. She keeps talking about that bath we both need, but I think one more trip to the dog park would let us get even dirtier, then we could do the bath thing. I wouldn't be so opposed to that idea, sort of like a trade off? Big boy always tries that in our house and sometimes it works. Mom asked him to walk us one night last week and she traded him one Red Baron pizza if he would do it. He did it alright, though he doesn't give us the bestest walks like Mom does. He just sort of hauls us halfway down the block until we poo, then drags us back home. Sometimes he doesn't even pick up after us, which would make Mom really mad if she knew. She would give him "the lecture" about civic responsibility, consideration for others, do unto others, etc. I think big boy just sort of tunes Mom out sometimes, kinda like Lexie and I do when there's a squirrel in the yard or the mailman is coming up the walk. There's no reaching us then.
Mom came home this morning with a fancy dancy you-row-peein' chocolate bar from some foo-foo store. I heard Lexie asking Mom for the wrapper when she was finished. Lexie thinks she's so sneaky, but I am gonna be watching out for that wrapper so I can get some sniffs of it, too. Lexie's not gonna get away with all the good smells!


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