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Hyper and Cuckoo

October 20th 2007 5:18 pm
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Mom says that I am not only hyperactive, but also hypergraphic, which means I write sort of uncontrollably. I do not agree with her diagnosis. I think I am hypercute, hyperhungry, and hyperlikeable. She said I am those things, too.

There is a really wonderful smell coming from the kitchen right now. Mom says it is a t-bone. I have a pal named t-bone. He just got a new sister . . . you don't think they got his sister to replace him, do you? That would be awful, especially if Dad is gonna eat a t-bone! Isn't there a law against that? Just a minute . . . (tripping lightly over to Mom)

Okay, I'm back and it's all golden. T-bone is a cow, not my pal. Well, part of a dead cow, that is. Mom isn't eating any. Mom and the rest of them are having spaghetti and garlic bread. That smells really good right now, too. I'm glad my pal T-bone is okay and that his little sister Jasmine wasn't part of any takeover conspiracy. That's call a Koo. Mom said. Lexie said I am part of a koo in our household. She also said I was a double koo. I am really doubly good at takeover conspiracy? Can I try some of that dead cow?


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