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Rain, Rain Went Away

October 18th 2007 11:00 am
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Those bad rains have not yet shown up, which makes me very happy. I do not like to go outside in the rain, even to pee. Kinda ironic, since just seeing it rain makes me want to pee, but I'd rather not go out in the pee, er, rain, to rain, er, pee. I'm befuddled. Lexie said she knew that. Lexie! Let me post in peace!

There are tiny little birdies in the yard today, enjoying the respite from rain and the windy sunshine. I had fun bounding all over the yard, snapping and jumping at them. They laughed at me and then started to call me names, which I didn't like. They were positively taunting me and I know I'll probably never catch one of them, so I gave up and started sniffing around the yard instead. I noticed that one of the rocks blocking my old escape hatch had been moved out of place. Do I still fit through the hole, even after gaining a few pounds? Yes, I do. Mom came out to look for me and noticed me sitting politely on the outside of the back gate. Oh, boy. She wasn't happy with that behavior and immediately went to check my escape spot. She figured out right away what I had done and she immediately replaced the rock, shoving it deep and hard into the soft mud by the garage and fence corner. It has rained a bunch lately so the ground was mushy and she got that rock in there good and hard. Sigh. Oh, well. I am rather muddy now and fear for my dirty hiney. She hasn't given us those threatened baths yet, but now I've really upped the ante by scrunching under that fence. My chances of escaping the suds look slim. Lexie's mad at me for getting muddy and making it even more likely that she'll get a bath, too. I think I better leave Lexie alone for a while until she forgets about me. Might be hard.


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