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Gettin' All Emo

August 16th 2007 9:23 pm
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So I do this thing with my sister Lexie where I get in her face and start to Arrroooo and growl and jump around. Lexie either a) freezes, b) hides behind Mom, or c) growls back and yaps at me really loudly. Sometimes she does all three of them in quick succession. I think I'm just ready to play, but Mom can't really tell. Lexie doesn't seem like she's enjoying it. It seems like she's really mad at me or getting all emo on me or something. Mom says she's going to try to use her camera on video mode and capture this behavior so all the Dogster dogs can analyze it and figure out what's really going on between me and my new sister. If that doesn't work, Mom says she's going to have to find a shrink. I think a shrink must be like a shrimp, and those taste really good, so it can't be a bad thing. I bet I'd like a shrink or two.

Do we really hate each other? Does Lexie resent me and want to tear me limb from limb? Am I being too aggressive or assertive in the face of her earned, yet not totally claimed dominance? What are you yapping about, Mom? What she really wants is for someone named Cesar Millan to show up in our yard and make it all good. Who is this Millan guy, and does he reward with shrinks? I know - I'll take a nap. When I wake up, all of this will be gone.


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