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August 10th 2007 1:07 pm
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My sister is so not amused. She just found out that the sign Mom bought yesterday at the State Fair (Caution: Area protected by Schnauzer Security Co.) does not mean Mom has hired professionals to guard us, her prized furry children. No, actually it means that we are supposed to be doing the job ourselves! Well, I thought it was kinda neat. I mean, I can be pretty tough, ya know. I can't bark as loudly or as meanly (or as long) as Lexie, but I know how to chew on things. I don't know if I could actually chew on a human. That just doesn't seem right. Maybe if they were trying to hurt Lexie, one of the human kids or Mom and Dad. Then I think I could make myself do it. Well, maybe. I could lick them profusely and make them trip by zig-zagging continuously in front of them. Mom knows I'm good at that.

Lexie had to swallow her pride a bit when she realized this meant work for her to do, instead of a celebrity body guard service working for her. I know I say this way too often lately, but WOMEN! Get over it, sister. You've always been the best watchdog anyway. Like any professional could do the job better than you already do!


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