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Poops . . . oops

August 3rd 2007 8:47 am
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Mom was just saying what a perfect addition to the family I am. I think the pressure was too great. I went to the basement and pooped on the floor by the washing machine. I'm sorry. One of the kids found it and came running up the stairs and ratted on me.

This morning, Mom got down to look under the bed and say hello to my sister in her special sleeping place (where she now sleeps since I stole her comfy bed). That's when she found my other poo. That one really made her mad - right under her bed! Maybe even worse is the fact that I did it in my sister's special, private, get-away-and-sleep spot. Mom thinks there are psychological ramifications in my choice of defication location.


Well, on the bright side, mom has decided that I should get a regular morning and evening walk around the block. I pleased her this morning by pooping outside. Sigh. I hope I can be good. I'm still just growing out of puppyhood, ya know.


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