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Float Like a Butterfly . . .

July 24th 2007 4:56 pm
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. . . Face Full of Burrs. Ouch. They didn't hurt getting into my beard, but sometimes it hurts when Mom pulls them out, especially around my mouth and my skin pulls way far away from my teeth and then I shake my head and then Mom has to clamp down on my skull and gently start over. Sometimes Lexie gets into them, too. There is some plant growing in our yard, along the edges in Mom's garden beds (I love exploring in the deepest parts) that has these little, green sticky-balls on it. Whenever I brush past it, they stick in my fur, usually on the frontal parts of my body, like my face, chest and front legs. They are really small, about the size of a B-B, and green. Lexie says we have real cockleburrs, too, but they don't mature to stickiness until the fall, and they are usually up higher on the plant.
I try to avoid the sticky little greenies, but once I smell something, I just plunge right into the brush without thinking. If I try to get them out myself before Mom sees, I just manage to push them deeper into my coat. Since my coat is a silky schnauzer coat, unlike my sister's thick, wiry coat, those micro-balls tend to hang onto me more easily.
Mom says she can't wait for my groomer appointment on August 6. I hope groomers have treats. If they do, I think I'll like them.


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