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I'll try my Belgian best to fill some really special paws, Mica

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PAWlease help dogs & kids in need- with a CLICK!!

July 9th 2009 11:32 am
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Undoubtedly you've seen these types of requests before, where you click on a site to benefit a shelter or organization. Well, here's one VERY FURRY near & dear to our hearts, because our big sister is involved with PROJECT POOCH.

We're hoping our mates will step up & help us help dogs & kids in need.

They do good work, but check them out FUR yourself, ok? If you're local to the Portland Oregon area, their BIG fundraiser is up in September & maybe you can come by!

Project Pooch

Meanwhile, here's a little About Project POOCH, Inc.®
For 16 years, Project POOCH, Inc.® has successfully paired hundreds of unwanted shelter dogs with incarcerated youths.

The youths (guided by professionals) train shelter dogs that have been abused and/or neglected in the past, groom them, and find them new adoptive “forever homes.”

The dogs leave the program ready to be great pets, and their trainers re-enter the community with new job skills and an increased compassion and respect for all life.

*************************************************** ************************
NOW...Here's in part, HOW you can help!!

The Animal Rescue Site is awarding $100,000 in grants to eligible member rescue organizations. The grand prize is a $20,000 grant and there are many more prizes ranging from $1,000 for weekly winners up to $5,000 for the runner-up. There will be a winner in every state as well as other grants!

The rescue organizations with the most votes will win. You can click to help animals at the Animal Rescue Site, and then vote for your favorite participating shelter. Clicking and voting are free, with no registration required.

YOU CAN VOTE ONCE PER DAY during the Challenge, so PAWlease bookmark and vote often..

Visit the Animal Rescue Site to learn more. It's free, and only takes a moment of your time. Thank you!

We appreciate your assistance on behalf of others guys..
angel mica, mirra, the purple girls of oregon, their big sister mckenna & mom, mel


thank you

July 8th 2009 12:04 pm
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we're writing en mass to say thanks to all the pups & their families who have recently written or sent gifts to us. we always write individually, but of late have been remiss. it is not due to neglect, and we aPAWlogize to any & all who have not heard a word of thanks from us.

with woof,
angel mica, mirra, tpgoo & mel



June 23rd 2009 12:18 pm
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As you know OUR emphasis is IMHA & pretty much everyone knows that. Because we are hearing MORE & MORE about this TRAGEDY than LESS... and STILL we see nothing..

We felt we needed to step up and BOL. Honestly we don't get why this isn't a household word around Dogster yet.. it should be spreading like the BAD WILDFIRE IT IS!!

******better news of this than GET ME 10,000 VIEWS ********and you get a special gift!!
that clogs the airways around here!!********




Our first entry mentions names and BEGS the question of WHY IS IT US posting this??
and, to PAWrotect the innocent, AND because we care about them, we have removed their names and links, even though our hope was that you could stop by PAWhaps say a PAWrayer with them or rejoice that this puppy was alright..

But because we know that they must be SO grateful yet terribly sad it happened on their watch, we decided that we'd approach the warning differently. Hence, Angel mica-the wonderpup AND our Belgian listerv begged me to make a SAGO PALM & DOGS ALERT

Quite recently, a very kind family almost lost an even more kind puppy to SAGO PALM POISONING.. She was very VERY lucky, and although we’d hoped to see WARNINGS posted ALL OVER DOGSTER by now, we HAVE NOT.
Don't get me wrong, family we care for.. we wished you ALL well then and now. It may seem as though we do less, but by speaking out in this way, we hope that you see that we care even more for doing so. If you or others cannot, then I cannot help you.


There is nothing glib about it mates.
We THANK GOD & DOG that she made it back safely. GO AHEAD & Google it yourself and see the majority are NOT as FURtunate.

WE ALSO Thank YOU for your HELP to CROSS POST!!

We are posting but one that crossed our desk, BUT there are many-and we want to know WHY no one is talking about this.. IF YOU ARE< WHERE ON EARTH ARE YOU????

as people who live with dogs know- there are ALL kinds of hidden dangers.. Many of us have posted links to the hazards around an effort to HELP PAWrotect one another.. FUR GOODNESS SAKE!!

This one came way too close FUR comfort, so PAWlease USE any & ALL to make the point.

OUR pets & even small children NEED our protection. I am SO very sad to be making this post, because I think that we all have a duty to act on behalf of eachother.. I yammer on until the freaking blue cows come home about IMHA & IM (immune-mediated) disease, and I think it takes away from something we feel is so important, but speaking out on this..

I just don't think it should have to come from my mouth.
BUT it happened again, that a dog outside Dogster was adversely affected..
anyway, I'll close now but it is not without disappointment.

(and this obviously is mel and not the lovely mirra BOL!!!!!)

PLEASE Cross post:

Greetings from the Burnt Hills Veterinary Hospital.

Our goal is to make our clients the most educated pet owners in the community.
Recently the home improvement stores have stocked their shelves with a plant called "Sago Palm". This is a decorative houseplant that you may be tempted to purchase.

If your pets ingest ANY part of this plant it will cause liver failure. Even with aggressive veterinary treatment 70% + of these pets will die. We implore you to keep your household free of this plant. We are devastated when we are unable to help your pets.

Go to our website and get a look at this plant.


June 18th 2009 6:38 pm
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what better game to choose FUR a dog named mirra than one with ice cream in it! BOL!! it's the absolute FAVorite of just about anything edible, but only the homemade variety (of course!)..

what i resemble is likely chocolate, since it's dark, but let's not encourage that..
mom concurs..

but it’s not that easy of a choice tho..

[insert much pacing here]

then mom yells, “I’ve got it mirra!”
undoubtedly something odd- nothing I can verify mates so you’ll have to trust me.. evidently something from the pawrents childhood years- circa early 1960's..
a local haunt called 33 flavors showed up in the neighborhood.
now that sounds interesting at least.

anyway, each time our mom & her best friend would check out this new ice cream place- (every Saturday it seems)..they'd try something different, and one time they had a flavor called licorice voo-doo!

mom said it was neat cuz it turned your mouth & lips black!
now that's gotta be the ice cream FUR me.
“gee mom do you think you could make it sometime?”

SO licorice voo-doo FUR mirra it is!
thanks Duke FUR tagging me..

so here's our 1 & only set of 10..
with LOVE (and make sure your PAWrents give you ice cream this weekend.. i can't wait!! if anyone gets licorice voo-doo, PAWlease let me know).

1) angus the warrior
2) ruger
3) kj
4) babe
5) mickey
6) angel stryker
7) lucas
8) sully & socks
9) takoda
10) tater tots


PAWS a minute & PAWrotect your FURRY loved ones (& those- with less fur too)

May 18th 2009 3:40 pm
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It’s flea & tick season. Some places, it ALWAYS IS. There are many dangers to our furry LOVED ones in the form of tick-borne diseases (TBD) but there are also dangers in the toxic chemical repellents used in industry today. We’ve added a link here to the second part of NRDC’s Poison on Pets II
There is also a link where you can check to see HOW YOUR product rates.
Check YOUR PAWticular product here
Making informed decisions about the use of toxic chemicals should be a priority in the lives of anyone, PAWticularly those with children present. Our mom is severely disabled because of an exposure to a mixture of solvents on the job many years ago.
The mixtures are those similar to pesticide formulations in hundreds of OTC products.
We often wish she didn’t know all she does, because then she’d (hopefully) be well.
We take her as is though, but because she HAS to know alternatives to common household poisons, for her own health, it helps her also take MUCH better care of us.
Thanks FUR listening mates.
If you want to learn more, do a search first on Integrated Pest Management (IPM).
Maybe we’ll talk again later. We practice a diligent version in our lives, and PAWlease, don't be fooled. There are many who propose chronically reaching for something they can buy off a shelf in a store. Just think of this first.. words that end in 'cide' mean death to whatever "PEST" you're seeking to eradicate.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The English suffix -cide denotes an act related to killing. From Latin caedere "to cut, kill, hack (at), strike". In its wider meaning, it may also signify the destruction or dismantling of an object or concept. When attached to a word indicating an animal or plant considered to be pestilent, the combined word is frequently used to indicate a substance used to eliminate the pest in question. E.g. Pesticide, insecticide and herbicide.

Next, consider this.
Even natural products can be dangerous if used UNwisely. Taking time to think what your needs are and making a plan to effect whatever change you need takes time and thought. The very last means to employ FUR us EVER gets to anything that ends in 'cide'..
but even though we have learned alot of how to DO things differently, which safeguard mom's health, we still spend MOST of our free time working on finding that CURE for what took mica..
you might surprise yourself when you learn how simple it is to find the other ways & means.. Meanwhile, be well & stay as healthy as you can as long as you can. Taking good health FUR granted should never be what anyone does.

Once you lose it, you can almost never get it back.

Love, m, m & angel m,
who never use chemical input but have also been Blessed to be doing something right,
and pray it remains so.


PAWlease, meet & greet some new mates

April 30th 2009 3:15 pm
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want to introduce you some new furiends at Family Dogs/New Life Shelter

some of them are tight with my big sister mckenna.
i trust mckenna, and hope you will too. they may just have the furiend that you have been looking FUR..

don't FURget 2 lettuceNO. ok?



The Dog's Cold Nose

February 8th 2009 8:57 am
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When Noah, perceiving 'twas time to embark,
Persuaded the creatures to enter the Ark,
The dog, with a friendliness truly sublime,
Assisted in herding them.
Two at a time He drove in the elephants, zebras and gnus
Until they were packed like a boxful of screws,
The cat in the cupboard, the mouse on the shelf,
The bug in the crack; then he backed in himself.
But such was the lack of available space
He couldn't tuck all of him into the place;
So after the waters had flooded the plain
And down from the heavens fell blankets of rain
He stood with his muzzle thrust out through the door
The whole forty days of that terrible pour!
Because of which drenching, zoologists hold,
The nose of a healthy dog always is cold!"

~ Arthur Guiterman (1871-1943)


playing TAG!!

January 5th 2009 11:14 pm
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Mom asked me to mention that she’s sorry we’re behind on several tags now, and with the 2 most recent, we’re stepping up to the plate once, in hopes it covers ALL the bases.
(old baseball analogies DO come in handy)

Although we appreciate our pals considering us in games such as this, it’s sometimes more than time that impedes the process. Sorry if we inadvertently disappoint anyone. It is never intentional.

Well, here goes: 7 facts about yours truly, then 7 pals... be on the lookout!

1) I’m a second generation registered Belgian shadow to mom & take this as my most seriously playful undertaking.
2) It’s no secret that I am a liver enthusiast.. I enjoy helping make liver treats as much as I do sampling & guarding the secret family recipes.
3) I’m a card-carrying feral cat police dog…they say I have the patience of a saint for what (or will not) happen when watching over the neighborhood cat population.
4) I try whenever PAWsible to help others, and especially appreciate when others help us with mica’s cause. She is my Special Angel & IMHA really does need a cure.
5) I take great pride in owning & wearing my own dog jewels (collar & tags). I don’t much like them being removed.
6) I enjoy company & regard anyone that comes over to be coming to see me. Since I am fair-minded, I do share my company with the people that live here too.
7) I love our mates here at Dogster, and wish to take the opPAWtunity to thank those who wish to play games with us, even though mom can’t always follow though. PAWlease, never take it PAWsonally.

I’d like to tag everyFUR, so every pup & cat can play...but the rules ask FUR 7:

Since we've been tagged 7 times of late, THAT lucky number 7 seems only right
Bcuz mica & I are alpha pups, they'll be in ALPHA-betical order.

Darla Mae

with love,


TY Uncle Angus

December 21st 2008 10:00 pm
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I’d have bet the farm
And all my money
That there wasn’t such a creature
As a Belgian snow bunny
But then I saw Miss Mirra
Zooming ‘round of frosty paws
As quick as the reindeer
Who pull ol’ Santa Claus!

isn't that pawtastic?!

Happy HOWLidays


Blessings for the Zealie Fairy

December 15th 2008 10:19 pm
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We have tried to go under cover to no avail, could we determine who the special and secret Zealie Fairy is, who left us a considerably generous allotment today. If anyone knows who it is, we'd be much obliged to learn who we can THANK.
It's a rather serious thank you too.

As much as we'd like to be able to, we're not sure where to even begin.. we have our best CSI suspicions, but we can't talk much of this as it only makes mom break down in tears that Gil Grissom is leaving. sssshhh!!!!!

THANK YOU very furry much, Zealie Fairy, from Angel Mica, the purple girls, mum and yours truly, the snow loving Lickety-Split

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