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I'll try my Belgian best to fill some really special paws, Mica

angel Mica & her earth angel Mirra ask FUR your help

January 21st 2013 12:45 am
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Posted here is a url link to my Facebook page.
Here is why..
Just saw someone dump an absolutely lovely 8 yr old Blind Siberian Husky in a CA shelter. He is reposted on our Facebook page.. First saw the kind link made by a fellow friend & Dogster favorite Teresa Hicks, Angel KISKA'S, and of KJ & Rain's mom.. I have Always known the HUSKY lovers around here to be some of the most loyal, loving, big hearted folks we have ever met..

Does AnYoNe know of a Sibe Rescue Group in CA that can help this fella?
The Baldwin Shelter is where he is. More info available through that link!

We see and speak out against animal neglect and cruelty, recommend adoption, spay & neutering but as you know our main emphasis is to help fund a cure for IMHA. For more informtion PAWlease see
Regarding Mica's IMHA Research & Fund
And her & Mirra's advocacy work... We can use all the hlp we can get. We are dying FUR a cure.

There are lost dogs, which we ALWAYS advocate for, but as you know we cannot do it all, just like no one person can. But if anyone can help this handsome lad, I just feel that we are in it with Mirra FUR as long as we can get with her..
How can someone just dump off an 8 yr old blind dog like this and sleep at night? Its not my dog, and evidently I am losing sleep over this.

We work with Belgian Tervuren Rescue, and Belgian Groendael Rescue closely. We have advocated for Newfoundland Rescue and helped others. There must be a Siberian Rescue out there, that might know a placement for him, or help find him a good home. Won't someone come take a look or contact us here or though Mica's Foundation at
Or on Facebook? PAWlease? Thanks FUR hearing us BOL!
This saddens me, and makes me mad as hell at the same time.
This is a defenseless and blameless animal, once again a victim of some selfish individual out there. If we can be of further help, please contact us.




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