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I'll try my Belgian best to fill some really special paws, Mica

PAWlease lend Mirra & her mom a PAW

October 18th 2010 6:10 pm
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Mirra has done well in everything then recently emerged on Columbus Day with acute pancreatitis.. we cannot tell if it may be the Grizzly Salmon Oil, which we no longer use, The Orijen, which may be too high in Protein, or the small amount of EVO 95% protein, which actually has 9% protein and same for fat.

She's recuperating well, Thank the Lord, on home-cooked- the type you may imagine, but other than an abysmal vet prescribed diet- has anyone found a good lower protein, very low fat food that has reliable analysis (what they call dry matter basis?)

I love her with my whole heart, and other than lowfat yogurt, same for cottage cheese, carrots, bananas and lettuce- she occasionally gets a tiny bit of cheese, and baked liver- which i make as well, for treats. i want to do the right thing, and i am not looking for criticism, if it is choices i have made that led to this i feel bad enough already, i just would appreciate guidance if anyone is willing to bestow it in the kind manner i ask for it in, and thank you. it's a terrible thing, hearing your pup has acute pancreatitis..
i'm sure many of you know all too well.
mirra is doing well, but i want her to do great.

thank you




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